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High Class Business & Leisure Escort service (Portugal)

Portugal golf escort service Well shaved greens with tight holes for your hole in one for a day..!!! Escorts in Portugal are turning in their high heels for spikes.

dining lady dining lady

 Top Callgirl Escorts is an out call agency who understands what their customers want. Golf and hot sexy women are offered up as two of mens' oldest past times are brought together at last.  

Most of Top Callgirl escort girls are really athletic girls at heart who happen to enjoy the company of men, one of the many golfing beauties.

One of the girls will show up on the golf course and change the day, They'll liven things up.
 When you see these beautiful women, with their smiles, fashion sense and great skill, it rubs off on you."

Our top girls are there to please you to hold your stick
or polish your balls

Play Top Girl Golf

Our clients work very hard all year and just want to relax on the golf course with a cold beer and a "hot chick".

Relax together on the narrow fairways under the pine trees where its difficult to escape the sandy bunkers. Is it any public or private golf course, any day of the week, and you'll spot the same things. Manicured trees and flush fairways. Ecstatic fist pumps, as hacks somehow chip it near the cup. Displays of intense frustration, as the scratch golfers blow 4-ft. putts.

erotic dinning

Most of all, you'll see guys. Lots and lots of guys, in striped shirts, in fitting pants and with considered caps . To combat this mass of masculinity on the nation's golf courses, a growing Portugal–based company called Top Callgirl Golf Designs has started a fairway-beautification project.

Our dinner date service is something that has proven extremely popular with clients. Our ladies are the epitome of grace , style and sophistication in both looks and intelligence and make for perfect dinner companions. All our ladies are perfect to be seen with in all high class establishments and all of them are comfortable in exclusive surroundings.


Lisbon Escorts

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The finest Lisbon, stunningly beautiful, eloquent, charming, sexy, sweet, intelligent and adventurous companions .

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Algarve Escorts

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 Algarve companions are available for those who need and demand Discretion and Confidentiality.

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Porto Escorts

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 Porto. Top Callgirl will help  you to find an exotic and highly luxurious woman for you to spend some quality time in Porto.

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