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Cruise Ships A Romantic Getaway for gentleman

When it comes to romance, there are few getaways to compare with a luxury cruise. Sea-borne voyages have a lot going for them in the romance stakes – sailing the seven seas, with romantic views and moonlight moments, rolling teak deck, and sensual atmosphere, there’s just something about the water that brings out our best.

dining lady dining lady

Cruises ought to be inherently romantic--the moonlight, the silvered sea, the crystal flutes filled with bubbly. But we all know that some ships are more floating frat party than intimate soirée. So if your idea of setting the mood doesn't involve hooting at contestants in a belly flop competition, you'll need to do some homework before you book that special voyage à deux.

What to look for: Ships that offer such spark-fanning touches as private tables, his-and-her spa treatments, in-cabin Jacuzzi tubs and 24-hour room service. "And there's nothing like a private balcony, where you can have breakfast while watching the world go by,"  Smaller vessels, like SeaDream Yacht Club's two 112-passenger ships, are more intimate and can maneuver into less-visited ports.

Until very recently, cruises was seen as a second rate holiday for gentleman entertainment, With the formation of Top Callgirl cruises, this has changed forever.
Those travelers who have chosen to pay more for excellence will be greatly rewarded. Perhaps the best example of our superior service is our gorgeous women, our five star cruises, and our impeccable service.

A cruise is the ultimate luxury package, and it is offered to those patrons who want the best that money can buy. These cruises are typically reserved for executives, celebrities,
and wealthy expats who are looking to enjoy their hard earned wealth. As the name implies, the Balcony stateroom features a balcony, and has a total size of 195 square feet. It also comes with a
minibar, a private bathroom, and a television which is closed circuit. Imagine making love to a beautiful lady while looking out over the balcony at the spectacular ocean scenery.

Voyages to light your fire on the water

What to avoid: School vacation periods on ships marketed heavily to families. Larger vessels that tend to stop at more-crowded ports..

Your cute escort will bring this cultural heritage to the table.

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What to splurge on: If it's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, consider a higher-end cruise line, and go for a roomy suite with a deluxe bed and linens, high-end electronics and a picture window. You'll also get personal attendants who'll ensure the champagne is perfectly chilled. Look for top-notch service and gourmet dining on luxury lines. But you don't have to spend lavishly to find romance. More modestly priced trips can still inspire sweet nothings. Voyages that are sure to light your fire on the water.

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Exotic Escort Cruises
Exotic cuise Vacations have taken to the high seas to provide a first class luxury yachting experience with the beautiful companion of your choice. Select from our special roster of sexy escorts to accompany you into paradise.

Yes, that is correct, Top callgirl is the first escort agency in the world to offer cruises with an five star experience. Imagine being on a cruise ship,
looking at the gorgeous blue waters of the  sea, while a lovely girl rests her head on your shoulders. Imagine dining at one of the restaurants on board,
staring across the table at one of our girls, wondering how you ever managed to become so lucky. This is the type of experience that you can enjoy. 

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